The AMAZING project workshop, organized in collaboration with the University of Biskra and the M'Chounèche community, aimed to provide participants with specialized and multidisciplinary training in archaeology, architecture, and water resource management. Taking place from October 31 to November 3 2023 in M'Chounèche, the workshop seamlessly blended fieldwork sessions held both at the ‘SI EL HAOUES HOUSE’ museum and the M'Chounèche oasis, and moments of interaction and dialogue with the local community. The on-field activities at the oasis were designed to encompass comprehensive soil and water analyses, contributing directly to the overarching goal of effective water resource management.

An exhibition featuring posters highlighting key achievements and the project's progress was set up, providing a visual narrative of the remarkable accomplishments. The workshop not only served as a platform for academic enrichment but also presented a distinctive opportunity to delve deeper into the culturally and naturally rich heritage of the region. Furthermore, it played a pivotal role in cultivating meaningful relationships with the local partners actively engaged in the project, fostering a collaborative and synergistic approach towards shared goals.